Mask Exception Process

Mask Exception Process

All employees, students, and campus visitors will be required to wear masks when on campus. For additional information on this policy, please access the following link: In addition to SCTCC policy, the Governor’s Executive Order 20-81 and city of St. Cloud’s Emergency Ordinance 2818, requires the use of masks in all public places.

Given the direct threat Covid-19 poses to members of our SCTCC community, any exceptions identified by our committee will be limited to a model that prioritizes online learning as a first option. If online learning is not an option, the only alternative option will be the use of a face shield. Each of these options must be approved by our committee.

Exceptions must be approved in advance. Individuals may not wear face shields as their primary face covering unless already approved by the process, or unless their academic program requires the use of such coverings.

Students seeking exceptions to the face mask policy must actively engage in the following process.

Requesting Mask Exceptions:

Step 1: Complete the Mask Exception Form.

Step 2: Submit supporting documentation. The student must submit documentation of a condition impacting their ability to wear a face mask to Accessibility Services. This documentation may be from a physician (psychiatrist, family practitioner, neurologist, pediatrician) or psychologist. Documentation must describe how a mask would affect a student’s health, inhibit the student’s learning or state that a face mask exception is medically necessary.

Step 3: The Mask Exception Committee will meet to review each individual request and supporting documentation. Requests will only be reviewed once an exception form is submitted and documentation has been received by a treating practitioner.

Step 4: The committee will review each request on a case-by-case basis. Once the committee has made a determination, the student will receive a decision by email.


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