Hudda Ibrahim receives Bush Foundation fellowship

Hudda Bush Fellow
March 22, 2019

SCTCC alumna and faculty member, Hudda Ibrahim, is a recipient of a 2019 Bush Foundation Fellowship.

The Bush Foundation supports people who "think bigger and think differently" about how to solve problems in their community by investing in them through grants and other investments. It's based in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and 23 Native nations that share the same geography.

The Bush Fellowship is a grant of up to $100,000 over 12-24 months for people with potential to advance the region to become more effective leaders.

Ibrahim is president and CEO of Filsan Talent Partners and an instructor at SCTCC. She is the author of “From Somalia to Snow: How Central Minnesota Became Home.”

From the Bush Foundation on Ibrahim's Fellowship:

Hudda Ibrahim is not afraid to tackle big issues. In her home community of St. Cloud, she helps employers attract and retain immigrant and refugee employees. She also coaches and connects immigrant women to local employers. As a refugee to the U.S. from Somalia, she understands both barriers to and opportunities for building full economic participation. She wants to help members of her central Minnesota Somali community achieve greater economic equity and assume positions of influence. To advance this broad work, she will increase her business acumen with a Master of Business Administration degree. She will also build a network of valuable allies, business investors and partners.

Congratulations, Hudda, on receiving this grant!

Kate Wallace