Everyone is a winner at the Celebration of Giving

Scholarship breakfast
June 26, 2018

“We enhance quality educational opportunities for a broad and diverse population by cultivating and securing financial and community resources.”

This is the SCTCC Foundation Mission Statement. On Tuesday, March 14, the result of that mission was witnessed at the Celebration of Giving Scholarship Breakfast.  

The Scholarship Breakfast is one of those win/win events.  Students receive the recognition of being a scholarship recipient and they often get to personally meet, shake hands, and thank their supporter. For the businesses or individuals who provide scholarships, it is an opportunity to meet the recipient and put a face with the individual who benefits from their philanthropy. Many great conversations happen at these breakfast tables.

This year’s breakfast and awards ceremony was held in The Commons at SCTCC after being held at the Rivers Edge Convention Center in past years.  This is the best place to hold this event,” said Arlene Williams, Foundation Director. “It’s convenient for students, faculty and staff are more likely to drop in to see the students, plus donors enjoy seeing what’s new at the college. On top of all of that, it simply costs less which means more money is available for scholarships.”

As the names of scholarship recipients were called, each received their certificate, shook hands with emcee and Foundation Vice-President Jon Pearson, Interim President Lori Kloos, and Vice-President of Academic Affairs Carolyn Olson. “It is very rewarding to see all the students we impact,” Pearson said. It’s a good feeling to see the recipients of the Freightliner Scholarship for Medium Heavy Truck, but as a member of the SCTCC Foundation board, it’s great to look at the list of more than 250 people that benefit from our work in all the college programs.”

During the 2017-2018 academic year, 250 scholarships were awarded totaling more than $181,000. Those are numbers worth celebrating!

Kate Wallace
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