It’s Official: October 9, 2019 is Nate Night!

Nate receiving award
October 11, 2019

If you’ve been to an SCTCC Cyclones Athletics event in the last 13 years, chances are you’ve seen Athletic Director, Nate Hiestand.  He was the guy on the microphone, and the one setting up before the game, and running the scoreboard, and coordinating with referees, and making sure the team arrived on time, and… you get the idea. 

It’s hard to overstate Hiestand’s impact on Cyclones Athletics and student-athletes. 

For more than 13 years, Hiestand has put in long hours and given up time with his family on the weekends to make sure Cyclones Athletics’ events run smoothly and student-athletes have what they need to be successful. 

Although his impact is well-known at SCTCC, faculty decided it was long past due for Hiestand to be formally recognized for his efforts. 

A group of instructors lobbied to create “Nate Night” as a way to publically acknowledge and thank Hiestand during Faculty Appreciation Night, which is typically reserved for athletes to acknowledge and thank their instructors.       

As Hiestand went about his normal preparations for the volleyball team’s home game and Faculty Appreciation Night, he had no idea what he was in for. 

Volleyball Head Coach, Heidi Smith, coordinated with Hiestand’s wife, kids, and mother to be there for the surprise.   

Following the faculty recognition awards, instructor Jan Stanley presented Hiestand with the official declaration of October 9, 2019, as “Nate Night,” signed by SCTCC President Dr. Annesa Cheek.

“I was definitely surprised and I was touched and honored to be recognized,” said Hiestand.  “It was cool for my family to be there and for them to see what I’m doing when I’m at work and to be able to put faces to names.  It was definitely an honor and I appreciate it, but I think I’m one of many around here.  I think there are a lot of people around here who could be recognized.”  


Matt Klinkhammer