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December 10, 2021

As you know, SCTCC is a Z-Degree school. We support instructors, and students, in finding and using good quality material that is available at no cost. The librarian can help you to find material that will work for your class. 

Anyone in the SCTCC community will have access to our materials through the library catalog, no matter their location. You can reach out any time to give me some parameters for your class topics (including sending me your syllabus), and I can help you to track down articles, book chapters, or whole textbooks for you to review. 

One handy trick you can use in the catalog is to narrow the materials you find to only things that are open access. You can search for the material you want, then look at the gray column on the left of your screen. Under “Availability” click “open access” and everything in your pile of results will be available through the catalog, but will also be accessible as open access material. (You will need to be sure you get the link to the original source if you don’t want to go through the catalog. I can help with this if you have any issues.) You can look at any format of materials, to be sure you are getting the best content for your class. 

 And there are other sources you might want to browse to find good quality open access books. If you want to avoid requiring students to sign into the catalog at all, you can go directly to the publisher sites to get these books. Here are a few places you might browse to get good material: 

It does not matter what subject you are teaching – there are open access materials available to you! It is not just for traditional academic subjects; all the trades are represented here too. 

I know that starting to sift through all of these books can look kind of overwhelming. Don’t worry! If you send me some of the topics you want to cover in class, I can do a preliminary search for you and send you a few different materials to browse. 

Not sure if you want to start with open access materials? You can come over to the library any time to chat about the needs of your classes, or just send me an email. 

Reach out any time: Mary Jordan: mary.wilkins-jordan@sctcc.edu.  

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