Office of Cultural Fluency, Equity, and Inclusion

We welcome SCTCC community members and visitors at our campus offices. 

  • The Office of Cultural Fluency, Equity, and Inclusion is designed to consult, advise, train, and provide policy development that promote equity. 
  • The office provides support for students, faculty, and staff. 
  • The office partners with communities, businesses, and civic and educational organizations to impact student success.

Videos & More

Cyclone Conversations and other presentations supported by the Office of Cultural Fluency, Equity, and Inclusion.

Video screen grab of Cyclone Circle. Click to watch.

Cyclone Circle April 2021

Living Room Conversations 

Living Room Conversations offer a simple, sociable, and structured way to practice communicating differences, while building understanding and relationships. The sessions typically consist of 4 - 8 people in a Zoom conversation, for 90 minutes. Rather than debating or convincing others, we take turns talking, sharing, learning, and encouraging. No preparation is required. Please consider joining a conversation yourself and share with this opportunity with others!